Mindful Movement

We’ve been told that workouts should be tough, grueling, and challenging. We’ve been told that a good workout is one that leaves us nauseous, in pain, and at risk of injury. Working out does not have to look this way for everyone, and for most people, it shouldn’t. Mindful movement is an approach that breaks away from this all-or-nothing exercise routine that many have endured or associated with working out. Instead, it encourages you to focus on how your body feels moving through the motions rather than the number of calories burned. 

Mindful movement encourages movement and activity while also restoring presence to your actions. While the activities themselves can be different for every individual, the act of being mindful of what you are doing, where you are, and how you’re feeling, do not change. It brings into perspective what your intentions are within your movements. Practicing mindful movement can bring presence, enlightenment, and joy to any activity while also encouraging exercise in your actions. Let’s talk more about what that looks like. 

What does Mindful Movement look like?

  • Practicing yoga, where mindfulness and presence is encouraged
  • Walking outside with no headphones, listening to the natural sounds of the outdoors
  • Dancing to your favorite music around the house
  • Gardening or doing yard work outside
  • Playing outside with children or your dog
  • Leisurely swimming around the pool
  • Breathing exercises alone or in other activities
  • Feeling your muscles at work when lifting weights
  • Riding a bike rides around the neighborhood

What makes Mindful Movement different?

  • Encourages you to be present in any activity you choose
  • Steers away from focusing on the amount of time exercising or calories burned
  • Applauds different exercise styles, allowing you to do what you enjoy
  • Promotes a new perspective on physical activity 

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