May Blog

The amount of conflicting information on social media about health, fitness, nutrition, mindful eating, intuitive eating, building muscle, and… just about… anything is overwhelming. Honestly, just writing that sentence was overwhelming. It can be very frustrating to try to create a plan to pursue health and wellness when you’re bombarded with conflicting information after spending […]

April Blog

Two of the biggest roadblocks to maintaining a healthy lifestyle are finding time to create healthy meals, and finding inspiration to build satisfying meals that aren’t boring. I have compiled a list of four protein-packed meals that take less than 15 minutes to make – they’re perfect for quick dinners, office lunches, and everything in […]

March Blog

A Dietitian’s Favorite Food Products of 2024 In all of my sessions I recommend the same food products. Why? Because I eat them, they are delicious and nutritious! I no longer want to gate-keep these food products. So here they are: my top 8 dietitian recommended food products you must try! Perfect bars These bars […]

February Blog


Do you struggle with plating meals? Is it a challenge to incorporate multiple food components with meals? There is a way to simplify eating by using the Plate By Plate approach! This is a solution for anyone who would like to create and grow a simpler relationship with their body and food.

December Blog

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post about the importance and beauty of practicing gentle nutrition. Understanding the basics of gentle nutrition is just the beginning, however; in order to actively pursue abundance and freedom, it’s imperative to intentionally practice gentle nutrition. Creating specific intentions will inspire accountability within yourself to choose gentle […]

November Blog

Mindful eating practices help create a healthier relationship with food during eating disorder recovery. Utilizing sustainable mindful eating tools lets you improve your habits and build a balance over time. Learn how to reconnect your body and mind and why it can work for you. Connect Mindful Eating with Eating Disorders Eating disorders can lead […]

August Blog

Begin to “trust your gut” with your eating habits and the act of physically and mentally observing your body’s needs. Eating in balance requires a whole-body approach. To make this daily practice a part of your life, you’ll need to learn what your body needs, overcome habits that don’t help you, and strengthen the connection […]

June Blog

7 Ways You Can Benefit From Working With A Dietitian

Nutrition is a hot-topic that can be hard to untangle. With so many trendy diets, health fads, life-changing claims, and supplements you can’t even pronounce on the market, it can be overwhelming, if not exhausting to try and make sense of alone. And although technology and social media has its perks, it can make understanding […]

May Blog

Practicing gentle nutrition means choosing food that is nourishing, appetizing, and fulfilling. In simple terms, gentle nutrition is the practice of choosing enjoyable and appetizing foods, while being conscious of their nutrient content as information. Because gentle nutrition emphasizes listening to your body, it can help you build sustainable healthy habits. If this sounds incredibly […]

March Blog

Food is a common part of our daily lives and all the changes we go through in life. The most common emotions we feel are joy, sadness, anger, and fear. These emotions can affect what, when, and how we eat if we aren’t aware of them. We are all equipped to eat when we feel […]