A few months ago, I wrote a blog post about the importance and beauty of practicing gentle nutrition. Understanding the basics of gentle nutrition is just the beginning, however; in order to actively pursue abundance and freedom, it’s imperative to intentionally practice gentle nutrition. Creating specific intentions will inspire accountability within yourself to choose gentle nutrition in your daily life. 

Here are a few strategies to help you get started:

1: View ‘fueling’ as self-care – add vegetables to your dinner for your physical health, allow yourself ice cream after a hard day, eat a banana to fuel yourself for a workout

2: Consume a diverse palate – eat whole grains, try seasonal fruits, mix up your veggies, be creative with protein, and don’t forget to always include a fat!

3: Listen to your feelings – take time to consider how certain foods make your mind and body feel, and make an effort to consume foods that make you feel good

4: Build balanced meals and snacks – make sure you can identify a protein, carb, and fat in every meal + snack you eat!

5: Experiment – go out of your way to try new meals and recipes, when you have the time + try different proportions and quantities of different meal components.

6: Be realistic – set goals and schedule time to prepare meals at specific points in the week + ensure the schedule that you make is attainable for your stage of life.

Remember to be gracious and kind to yourself, because that is the core of gentle nutrition.

Picture of Hannah Fliess

Hannah Fliess

Recent graduate of Florida State University. Hannah plans to pursue a Master of Science in Nutrition Science & Dietetics. Hannah is incredibly passionate about intuitive eating through gentle nutrition. She loves distance running, matcha lattes, and dark chocolate!

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