What’s does your relationship with food look like?

Find out what your relationship with food looks most like below.

 Emotional eater:

  • You eat when you are happy, sad, stressed, overwhelmed, or celebratory.
  • Your first thought when you feel heightened emotions is to eat.
  • You feel comforted by eating food.
  • You tend to feel out of control when you eat because of heightened emotions.

Food is fuel eater:

  • You eat solely to fuel your body and give it energy.
  • Food is not on your mind most of the day.
  • You eat the same types of food most of the time; you don’t sway from the norm.
  • You eat consistently throughout the day.

Binge/restricting eater:

  • Food is on your mind most of the day, whether that be the desire to not eat or the fear of eating.
  • You don’t eat most of the day and save your calories for the end of the day.
  • You overexercise to compensate for the calories you consumed.
  • You feel out of control around “forbidden” foods.

Diet eater:

  • You bounce from diet to diet and tend to feel restricted on what you can or are allowed to eat.
  • You may tend to be confused by dietary recommendations or unsure of what is the right thing to eat.
  • Most of your day is surrounded by thoughts of food.

Did any of these categories jump out to you? Did you identify with multiple of them?

We want to strive to become a neutral eater.

A neutral eater is someone who consumes a diet that is balanced in foods that fuel you and foods that taste good. A neutral eater has a healthy balance of thinking about food, where food is on the mind occasionally, but it doesn’t control their thoughts. Thoughts surrounding the neutral eater’s mind do not consist of calorie count.

Eating is easy when you’re a neutral eater. There is an ability to thoroughly enjoy your food as a neutral eater.

Now, ask yourself how you can become a neutral eater?

 Based on what category you most identified with, read the list below of action steps to take in order to become a neutral eater.

Emotional eater:

  • When you feel a heightened emotion, do something else to comfort you or solidify your emotional state. Try to retrain your brain to let your first thought be to find comfort by _____(insert comforting activity like snuggling in bed or taking a bath) instead of automatically going to food for comfort.

Food is fuel eater:

  • Indulge every once in a while! Enjoy the pleasure of eating something outside of your comfort zone and thoroughly enjoy the food in front of you.

Binge/restrict eater:

  • Remind yourself that we need to eat during the day. If you restrict food all day, it makes sense that you’re hungry in the evening and cannot control what/how much you eat. Give yourself permission to eat at least one meal during the day and notice how that can change how you feel at night.

 Diet eater:

  • Diets don’t work. They are not sustainable. They leave us deprived, defeated, and hungry. If you are looking to lose weight, try something other than a diet.

Now it’s time to put this into practice!

Picture of Macie Thornhill, RDN, LDN, RYT

Macie Thornhill, RDN, LDN, RYT

Founder & Owner of The Mindful Eating Dietitian

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