I’ve been receiving a lot of questions recently about what foods are “good” and “bad” for us…

…or what diet should we be following

…or how many times a day we should be eating

…or how long I should go without eating

…or what pills or supplements can I take to help me lose weight…


Let me clear up the confusion: eating doesn’t need to be as complicated as we make it out to be.

We have been manipulated by diet culture, Instagram influencers, celebrities, and people who are trying to sell quick fixes.

We need to stop looking at these influences and simply go back to the basics of living a healthful, purposeful, and pleasurable life in your own body.


We need to stick to these basic 4 principles:


  1. Food that comes from the Earth is good for us


Yes, that mean fruit is good for us—the sugar that comes from fruit is GOOD for us!

Yes, that means carbs are good for us—our body needs grains, oats, wheat (in some cases), rice, etc.

Remember that food that is supplied from the earth is meant for our body to consume, so don’t be afraid to eat them!


  1. Take time to cook at home


When cooking at home, you know where your food came from and who cooked it which allows for maximum satisfaction while you eat.

You tend to eat only what your body needs, you can manipulate the flavors to your liking, and you can share your cooking with those you care for.

Spending time in the kitchen, cooking your own food, and being proud of your cooking is intensely satisfying (even if your meal comes out horribly).


  1. Moderation is key


We all know that eating ice cream for every meal is not the best thing for us to do. But we should still eat ice cream because it’s delicious, just in moderation.

The same principal applies for every food type.

If we ate the same food for every meal, every day, we would get tired of it! So instead of restricting yourself from food, enjoy foods you love every once in a while, so you always hold that same love for that food.


  1. Every BODY is different


What might work for your neighbor Sally who lost 20 lbs doing the Keto diet may not work for you because every human body is vastly different and functions in different ways.

You know what your body needs, we just need to pause and learn to listen to it and TRUST that it will tell you what it needs.

Stop comparing yourself to others and do what is best for you.

We should strive to be comfortable, confident, and at ease in our OWN bodies and how to achieve that and what that looks like is very different from person to person.


Our lives are already complicated enough, why complicate it any further by obsessing over food, how we look, or how we move.

I invite you here to just take a step back and reassess how you think about yourself and how you eat.

Apply these 4 principals and see for yourself how much less complicated eating food can be.

Picture of Macie Thornhill, RDN, LDN, RYT

Macie Thornhill, RDN, LDN, RYT

Founder & Owner of The Mindful Eating Dietitian

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