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Want to build a new relationship with food?

At the Mindful Eating Dietitian we teach you how to eat and think about food in a balanced, nutritious, and enjoyable way that fits your body. We help you put that knowledge into practice in a way that applies to your lifestyle. 

Our Registered and Licensed dietitians will safely and effectively address your food and nutrition related concerns. We help guide you to an easy, healthful, and mindful way of eating.

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About us

Goal setting: Together we will work to create small attainable goals over time to help you achieve your larger personal health goals.

Not just nutrition: During our sessions, we discuss all the factors that attribute to your health: stress, sleep, physical activity, and social habits. We ask hard questions to help really understand what is going on in order to make change attainable.

Treat the problem, not just the symptoms: For most of us, our complicated relationship with food is not related to the food itself but rather related to something deeper. When we treat the root of the problem, the symptoms you experience will eventually fix themselves. Now don’t get us wrong, this is not an easy task, but working in this manner will heal your relationship with yourself and with food. 

Our dietitians are highly trained and well versed in the following areas of nutrition:

  • Eating disorder recovery 
  • Mindful and intuitive eating practices
  • Chronic disease dietary management
  • Performance nutrition
  • Basic nutrition education  

Online & In-Person Sessions: Clients have the option to choose online or in-person nutrition sessions with the Mindful Eating Dietitian. Initial sessions are 60 minutes where we will discuss your goals and strategies for our work together. 

Health Insurance: Currently we offer the following solutions:

  • Out of Network benefits with United Healthcare
  • Tricare Select In-Network provider
  • Accepts HSA/FSA 
  • Guidance for filing health insurance reimbursement claims

Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is all about balance, intuition, and compassion for yourself. It will help you turn off guilt, shame, or anxiety that may come with eating. It will free you from any rules around food.

Our dietitians teach you how to incorporate practices of mindful eating into your daily life so that no more guilt, shame, or regret surrounds your eating habits. We help you make eating simple.

Our Services

Work one-on-one with our Registered and Licensed Dietitians to meet your personal health and nutrition goals. 

Session times are 30 minutes – 1 hour and are held online or in-person.

$125/ initial session

$65 / 30 minute follow-up

$95 / 60 minute follow-up


$400/ five 60 minute sessions

Work with a Registered and Licensed Dietitian to create a personalized 14 day meal plan that is created specifically for you. 

Meal Planning includes:

  • Single 1 hour session
  • 14 day custom meal plan
  • Complete grocery list
  • Nutrition information
  • Recipes 
  • 30 minute follow up session


$375/meal plan package

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